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The territory of Mykola Hryshko National Botanic Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a part of the conservation fund of Ukraine. It is an oasis of the beauty of nature in the central part of Kyiv. However, the preservation of many rare plant species is possible only if we construct an irrigation system at the Botanic Garden.

We decided to start the construction of the irrigation system for the Rare Plant Arboretum, which covers an area of ​​30 hectares or 3/4 part of the Botanic Garden territory. The Arboretum is a unique collection of 674 species, 22 subspecies, 35 hybrids and 274 cultivars of woody plants from different parts of the Temperate Climate.

The main idea of Arboretum designing in 1944 in Kyiv was to test new species and to create a public training base. Each tree of the collection has its own history, most of them belong to species with high conservation status, according to the IUCN list. It is located on the right high bank of Dnipro river where you can have a great view of the Vydubychi Monastery and Pechersk Lavra. The Arboretum has become a favorite recreation spot for the locals, a home for birds and squirrels right in a city center. Amid abnormal summer and winter droughts in recent years rare trees are in critical conditions of overdried ground that threatens the existence of these species. Arboretum workers water by hand plants, which are in the most critical condition but this is not a sustainable solution. The irrigation system is required.

We divided an area of ​​the Arboretum into 64 blocks to ensure the continuous development of the project and not to waste precious time for plants. The estimated cost of construction of each block of the irrigation system is 150,000 UAH. Thus, we will move gradually, based on the financing, giving the plants of the Arboretum an access to vital moisture.

The system will extend the life of the trees up to 200-300 years, which would correspond to their lifetime in optimal natural conditions and will allow new plants to grow.

The project is infrastructural and quite large. But we believe that together we can handle it. 

The irrigation system consists of many details – every raised hryvnia becomes a part of it. Every hryvnia is important!

How you can help us:

– Make a donation to the bank account of the foundation.

– Plant #yourtreeinBotanicgarden. To do this, choose a tree from the collection of trees offered by the Rubtsov Arboretum team and make a donation for the construction of an irrigation system from UAH 20,000 (for private individuals) and UAH 30,000 (for companies). Contact us and we will send you a list of trees available for planting. A family/corporate tree will grow in the heart of Kyiv, which saves other trees with its existence.

– Come to the already legendary digging of trenches for the irrigation system – become a direct participant in the installation of the irrigation system. Follow the information about volunteer opportunities on the Facebook page of the “Volunteers of Hryshko NBG” group https://www.facebook.com/groups/295859318155879 and our Telegram channel @pelicanlive.

We also invite responsible corporate business for cooperation. We believe this project is a unique opportunity to leave a mark on nature preservation and saving the beautiful urban landscape in Kyiv.

Project results

July 16, 2021. The first 3 units of the new irrigation system for the Rubtsov Arboretum were officially launched. Thanks to this, for the first time in 30 years the collections of garden jasmine, ash trees, and hickory trees have received water.

Detailed financial report on this part of the project is available here: Financial report on the construction of the irrigation system

Project achievements so far:

  • UAH 83,436.12 was received from benefactors;
  • 195 people in total supported project financially: 186 people became benefactors via the campaign on the Kind Challenge platform and another 9 made direct transfers to the Fund;
  • School №5 of the Pechersk district of Kyiv made the largest contribution through the Kind Challenge platform: to raise funds, the school held a charity fair;
  • Colonnade Ukraine became the first company to join the project and to finance one unit of the irrigation system;
  • more than 30 volunteers dug 423 meters of trenches in two weeks;
  • the first 3 blocks of the irrigation system covered garden jasmine, ash trees, and hickory trees;
  • the base of the water line to cover the plateau areas of the Arboretum was laid.

Fundraising for the project continues. Donations can be made via the Kind Challenge platform or directly to the account of the Fund.

August 2022

9 sections of the new irrigation system for the Rubtsov Arboretum were officially opened. The total length of the constructed system is 1520 m. Pines and spruces received water.

    • UAH 110,554.68 was the average cost of building one irrigation section (including financial and non-financial contributions);
    • 273 contributions received;
    • UAH 279,000 was received at the first stage of the project within the framework of the additional financing of financial resources from «EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine» (funds from corporate donors, benefactors who planted their trees and funds transferred to us by “The Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia”. Thanks to this program, several meetings were organized in Botanic Garde during the fall and winter of 2021 which contributed to the development of our community #друзіботаніки;
    • UAH 109,472.11 was received at the second stage from benefactors; The school supported us again: Parents and students of the 6th grades (2021/2022 academic year) of the Novopechersk school became participants #yourtreeinBotanicgarden;
  • JSC “Citibank Ukraine” financed the construction of two pine sections, where the Bank’s corporate trees are growing – 8 western larches.
  • Insurance company «Persha» supported the construction of two sections by planting 5 trees of Picea asperata (Dragon Spruce);
    • more than 70 volunteers participated in the construction of the irrigation system by digging trenches, they also rented small machinery themselves to use for trenching where possible;
  • 800 meters of pipes, 23 valve boxes and other materials are our reserve for the next sections;

Fundraising for the construction of the irrigation system continues.

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