Trees for birds

People have been accustomed to creating comfort around them, based on their own needs, however, quite often needs of a person contrary to the needs of other organisms. In particular, birds suffer a great deal from this.

Inadvertent attitudes towards nature, expansion of agro-industrial areas and active construction and, consequently, deforestation, result in the destruction of breeding and feeding places of birds. Sometimes it causes the death of birds, and in the long run can lead to the extinction of entire species.

By planting enough trees that are rich in seeds and fruits, we will be able to provide birds with natural food and breeding grounds.

This is precisely the mission of the project “Trees for Birds” – landscaping of cities, settlements, suburbs, restoration of forest strips in the fields with long-term positive effect for birds!

Project results

  • About 850 seedlings were planted in and around Pyriatyn;
  • 3000 seedlings of different trees and shrubs, including 105 rose hips (Rosa canina) planted from our Foundation at “Tuzlivski Lymany” National Nature Park. In addition, we have reserved a sum of 10,000 UAH – for spring and summer watering plants;
  • 40 trees and bushes (viburnum, apple tree, yew, cedar from “Skolivski Beskydy” National Nature Park) and 25 rose hips (from the Foundation) were planted in Skole by students of Skole secondary school I-III degrees and their parents;
  • 76 seedlings in the spring and 91 seedlings in the autumn planted in the village Novi Petrivtsi;
  • We managed to prevent the mowing of two hundred young trees growing in the territory of the future Sich of Mezhigir. Within the project one and two years old oak and maple trees were dug and transplanted to the slopes of the Kyiv Reservoir;
  • About 400 acorns of common oak are planted on the slopes of the Kyiv Reservoir.

In total, more than 4300 trees and shrubs have been planted in 2019. More than 200 volunteers participated in the tree planting. We plan to continue planting trees for birds. The project was supported by NGO “Wings of Bird” in Bucha, Kyiv region, planting took place without our intervention.

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