Support to the «City of Goodness»

Creation of “City of Goodness” ( ) in Chernivtsi – is a project by CF “I am the Furture of Urkaine”. The prototype of the project is working since 2017 in the rented premises. The key idea of ​​the project is to create a center that would become a shelter for mothers and their children, who are in a difficult situation together, so that children do not go to orphanages. 90% of these children have biological parents. Poverty, lack of proper living conditions, domestic violence are the main causes of children being separated with loved ones. More than 200 mothers have been found in the prototype of the City of Goodness: orphans, homeless, graduates of orphanages and victims of domestic violence. The graduates of the center get a profession, job, can rent proper housing on their own. They have overcome the crisis and are now helping other women to overcome their misery. 540 children were rescued from orphanages, many of them children with disabilities.

Since 2018 we support project by CF “I am the Furture of Urkaine” – creation of “City of Goodness” in Chernivtsi.

We structure needs and form small sub-projects, for instance:

1. Kitchen and Dining room in City of Goodness (2018)

The aim of the project is to provide living conditions in terms of the hassle-free ability to cook for women and children, and to provide living conditions in terms of making money by cooking gastronomy for sale, and to provide equipment and an appropriate knowledge base for potential cooking as a profession. The project took into account technological and hygienic standards, as well as modern requirements for the safety of kitchens and efficient kitchen equipment. All tasks were implemented in a fairly narrow space. In addition, a special master class program was demonstrated by Auсhan employees for children.

2. Ecological autonomous sewage system for City of Goodness (2018)

The aim of the project was to complement the crisis center with an autonomous sewage system which is an important element of modern infrastructure. Satisfactory sanitation in such crisis centers is an important necessity, as the residents of it are women with kids who need thorough care. Residents of crisis center “City of Goodness” are acquainted with the environmental and economic sewage system in order to set an example of a different life quality level and to promote the of environmental awareness and conciousness. 

3. Fire alarm system installation in City of Goodness (2019-…)

Fire alarm system is an integral part for the full safety of mothers and children in the City of Goodness.

4. Heating system in City of Goodness (2019-…)

Despite the infinite amount of warmth in the City of Goodness, home heating is a must.

5. Purchase of a tile for a dormitory building in the City of Goodness (2019 -…)

The comfort and cosyness of families seeking shelter in the City of Goodness is one of the basic needs.

Project results


We are actively working on the construction of the City of Goodness. Over the period 2018 – 2019, we managed to attract more than 1.6 million UAH to this project.

For the renovation and equipment of the Kitchen and Dining Room of the City of Goodness (2018), the major donors were Deutsche Bank in Ukraine and the French Foundation “Auchan for Youth”, owned by the Auchan Group. At the end of the project, there was a constant opportunity to prepare for about 70 residents and at the same time feed 150-170 people. Clear three-dimensional kitchen area zoning (cold and hot zones; meat, vegetable and baking areas; professional and general living areas) was created.
The total budget of the project so far is 583,000 UAH.

In the implementation of the Ecological autonomous sewage system for City of Goodness (2018) as donors and partners participated: the Ginger Foundation through the Lviv Education Foundation, the CF “I am the Future of Ukraine”, and our Foundation. At the time of completion of the project, it was achieved that 70 users of the drainage system per day could live in the house without damage to ecology.
The project budget was $ 11,822.

In 2019:

  • payment was made for the installation of a fire alarm from Deutsche Bank in Ukraine;
  • purchased part of pipes for heating the dormitory building of the City of Goodness. Thanks to a project donor – ING Bank Ukraine;
  • a grant was received from Deutsche Bank in Ukraine for the purchase of a tile for the dormitory building of the City of Goodness.
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