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Semen Oblomeі fund created in memory of our colleague, a 22-year-old Ukrainian hero who defended his land and died on June 21, 2022, in the city of Sievierodonetsk from an aerial bomb. Before his death, Semen took his sworn brothers to a safe place.

Semen was a 3rd-year student at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, National Institute of Forestry and Horticulture, and he wanted to connect his life with the forest.

At the end of January 2022, he successfully completed a 4-month forestry course in Sweden.

Semen dreamed of becoming an arborist, a professional who cares for and treats trees, so this foundation aims to help people get professional certification as an arborist.

You can find a mini book about the life and path of Semen here.

Dedicated to Semen Oblomei, the Warrior of Light, a member of the Peli can live team


The final interview of Semen, taken by well-known military journalist – Yurii Butusov:

In the Hryshko National Botanic Garden of the academy of sciences of Ukraine is growing the young tree ginkgo-biloba, that was grown by Semen from the seed. We have transferred it to the Botanic Garden in the memory of Semen.

During his studies, Semen was faced with the fact that it is quite difficult to master the profession that fascinated him so much, since there are no specialized educational programs in Ukraine and, as a result, a limited number of specialists from whom he could study.

Semen was lucky to find a mentor, but many students and applicants do not even know that such a necessary and important profession exists.

The goal of our foundation is to create a generation of talented and strong arborists in Ukraine.

We see the achievement of our goal as a complex project.

  1. First of all, the foundation wants to reveal to people that there is such a profession as an arborist. To do this, we want to create a basic Ukrainian-language online course, the completion of which will provide students and graduates of Ukrainian universities and technical schools with related specialties with an understanding of the profession and a set of necessary theoretical knowledge needed by an arborist.
  2. After completing the online course and confirming the level of knowledge, the foundation plans to provide students with the opportunity to undergo an arborist internship for quality mastery of practical skills.
  3. After completing the internship and obtaining all the necessary knowledge, the student will have the opportunity to receive a grant from the foundation for the international certification of an arborist.

Thus, the foundation named after Semen Oblomei will realize his dream – to treat trees in Ukraine, and maybe even beyond its borders. Also, the foundation will unite a community of teachers and professionals who will take care of nature and trees of Ukraine.

To support the creation of  Semen’s foundation, please use the below banking details. The amount of the donation is non-refundable. Receipt of funds to the accounts of Foundation is your consent to this.

The extra funds could be used to provide the treatment for the trees, as well as to develop the mentioned above program.

Results of the project:

Semen Oblomei Foundation received professional support from the international and Ukrainian arborist community, our partners were the Trees Insitute (Poland), the Arboricultural Association of Great Britain, Landscape and Green Infrastructure Experts (Lithuania) and this spring, together with UA ARBO TOUR, we held joint activists in Lviv and Kyiv and employees of Kyivzelenbud.

Thanks to your charitable contributions, we were able to pay for the work of the operator and share important information with you through the Foundation’s social media and Youtube channel.

Please read about UA ARBO Tour and Semen Oblomei Foundation on the pages of the British Association magazine.

We have also started to hold webinars about trees, involving the best experts, so join us.

The project in social media:

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