Once in the Forest

In today’s world, more and more attention is being paid to conscious attitudes towards animals, their rights and freedoms. However, there are still so many violations on the part of people concerning these topics. It is worth thinking seriously that animals are still suffering from human violence and neglect.

“Once in the Forest” (onceintheforest.com is a whole universe!

The topic of respect for nature is very important for the modern world and needs wide publicity. We have decided to attract public attention to it in different ways!                                                                                                      The respect for animals is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity for the planet and for the humanity!

The project aims to help people to understand the world of animals better. The mission is to perceive ourselves as a unique part of something bigger and deeper. No one is alone  there is a world around that deserves to be trusted.

That is why we have decided to create a project that includes different areas of information disclosure and public involvement.

We are convinced that a wide range of tools will make it accessible to everyone and will draw the public’s attention to the problem of respect for the natural world and the treatment of animals.

With our project, we engage viewers through the dialogue with the animal world to ourselves, because we are all a mirror of each other.

Every step, every hug, every word matters. We invite you to join the art of small brave steps.

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Through art instruments, we show the story of the inhabitants of the forest, introduction to the world of people and the possibility of coexistence. The Project aims to make humankind understand the worlds of animals and people better.

Mission is to tell the child and adult that he/she is not alone in the world of nature, that he/she is a unique part of something bigger. That if he/she feels lonely, there are friends and family, games and his/her help to the others – people or animals.

The ecological theme is revealed through condolences to animals that experience the same emotions as people — joy and loneliness, sadness and curiosity to the new.

We are going to achieve the complex three-component goal:

  • providing a high quality modern art product using the latest tools for transferring emotions and impressions
  • creating the basis for the formation of a new generation of circus spectators
  • non-violent formation of environmental consciousness

Project results

  •  “Once in the City (Lviv)” — first street performance from series of performances.  Aired twice on August 7th, 2019 as part of the LvivMozArt International Classical Music Festival program. About 150 spectators are covered by two performances. Project’s budget: 150,000 UAH. Performances are documented, videos to be used as part of an information campaign.
  •  «Once in the City (Kyiv)» — one more street performance held in Feb’2020 in Kyiv subway and Central station
  •  has been started the work under grand show (circus without animals) «Tryam-express» based on fairy-tales of Sergey Kozlov
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