Artificial nesting islands
for Dalmatian Pelicans

Dalmatian pelicans are species threatened with global danger of extinction. In order to minimize the factors of concern and danger to the nests from tourists and predators, it is important to provide the breeding ground for the rare bird species and to create opportunities for its geographic population to grow.

Considering Dalmatian pelicans do not breed in Ukraine, we have begun to study this issue in order to create conditions for their breeding. Together with ornitologists we have identified the main factors that prevent the nesting of Dalmatian pelicans – the factors of concern and danger to the nests from tourists and predators. 

We have come to the conclusion that artificial islands will provide safety to nests from mammalians, and controllable access of tourists to the territory of potential breeding grounds for pelicans is also necessary.


Project Results

With the help of «Baker Tilly» volunteers the following were built using the eco-materials:

  • artificial double-deck island for nesting isolated from mainland with a waterline and
  • “camouflaged” bungalow for birdwatching.

Within the project, a visit center for tourists – 30m2 was built, which is also the place of residence of the scientific team on the site and the guards throughout the year. 200,000 UAH was spent by the park of funds received from the Ministry for the construction of the building and the installation of the roof.

Due to financing from Foundation during 2018:

  • he center was insulated and decorated;
  • double-level observation tower (3 and 6 meters) was built;
  • one lavatory with Ecosan system;
  • solar mini-powerplant was established;
  • a meteorological station for monitoring and data collection was established;
  • night vision binocular purchased;
  • transferred old office furniture from IC Universal and furniture received from IWCK (transferred by the Delegation of the European Union).

Due to financing from Foundation during 2019:

  • A 4-cameras CCTV system has been installed to control the border area, but also for scientists to work from a distance;
  • Summer canopies and a second bird watching tower were built.

The cost of the project over the two years is approximately 15,000 USD.

Download Book: “Colorful world of pelicans”

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