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The condition of forest belts is something we are really concerned about. So we decided to dive into this problem. Many of the forest belts are in critical condition, due to the fact that they are used by local residents for firewood and lack of professional care. Some forest belts have already outlived their usefulness. The climate has also changed dramatically, and some trees have dried up. In addition, over the years, the area of arable land has increased, but no new forest belts have been created.

In the situation of extensive ploughing, and in some places of total ploughing, forest belts have important ecological functions, so in 2019, Peli can live launched a project aimed at restoring existing forest belts and planting new ones.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Increasing communities’ awareness of the role and functions of forest belts
  • Restoration of forest belts — planting trees that are best suited to the climate of the region to ensure the most positive regulatory impact on agricultural land and biotopic effect
  • Advocacy for forest belts

Project results

  • Our project community is naturally growing and the project’s Facebook page has become an important reference for those interested in the project:  
  • A series of webinars were held in cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities, which were attended by more than 600 participants from all over Ukraine
  • Together with the Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities, we conducted a short survey on the importance of forest belts in ATCs. Leaders of 80 AHs from 22 regions of Ukraine took part in the survey. Some conclusions: 1) ATCs either understand the role of forest belts or are ready to work on it. 2) More than 96% of ATCs do not have up-to-date forest management documentation for existing forest belts The results of the survey are available on the EBA websiteСтатистика-ОТГ.pdf
  • 2 forest belts were restored in two communities:

— Pyriatynskyi – together with Pyriatyn community, Pyriatyn City Council, Pyriatynskyi National Nature Park with the financial support of Winner Group Ukraine) and

— Tomashivska together with the Tomashivska community, volunteers, Ecodia and our foundation teams.

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