Houses for insects

Insects are an integral part of a normal healthy and stable ecosystem. They are part of the food chain as feed for birds and amphibians, and pollination of plants is impossible without insects. But in the face of aggressive urbanisation, there is a growing problem of diminishing natural habitats for insect breeding and living.

Man-made insect houses will provide a breeding ground and become a shelter for a variety of insect species. And people as well as children will be able to observe them and learn about insect’s lifestyle.


Project results

With the help of our Foundation houses for insects are working successfully.

5 houses for insects were built together with children: (і) in Novopecherska school, Kyiv; (іі) “Bukovynska Dream” Festival, Chernivtsi region; (ііі) during summer children expedition TuzLim-2019 in NPP «Tuzlivski lymany», Odesa region.

Project is planned to be scaled.

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