Shelterbelts of Life

The state of shelterbelts – the one we are currently witnessing, is something that deeply concerns us. So we tried digging deeper into the problem. Experts from the National Ecological Center point out that in most regions of Ukraine shelterbelts are in a critical condition, both due to the use of local residents for firewood, and due to the uncertain status and lack of professional care. Most of the shelterbelts have already outlived their age. The climate has also changed dramatically, some trees have dried up. In addition, the area of arable land has increased over the years, but no new shelterbelts have been created.

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Peli can live is launching a project, the main purpose of which will be the restoration of existing forest belts and the laying and planting of new ones. Project objectives: Planting trees that are best suited to the climatic regime of the region, in order to ensure the most positive regulatory impact on agricultural land and the biotope effect. Creating a public response to cover the problem through an information campaign. Campaigning work with OTGs and farms on the need to restore forest belts.

  • Project results

    In progress…

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