Safe school

Parents are very concerned about the safety of their children in schools, and especially in the absence of camcorders in schools, and this is not without reasons. In fact, having video surveillance at school guards guarantees firstly a safe environment for children, and also peace of mind for their parents, and as a bonus improves discipline at school.

This project was created specifically to provide a safe environment for children and calmness for their parents. Within two months, a permanent monitoring of the entrance group was established with the help of external video surveillance cameras and a safe environment was created for pupils in secondary schools # 3 and # 5 (Uzhgorod). Since then, the project has gained popularity among other schools that have scaled it and continue to seek funding through grant competitions in our consultation.

  • Project Results

    Constant monitoring of the incoming group was established with the help of two external CCTV cameras and the creation of a safe environment for students at each school.

    The budget was 7,5 and 6 k USD per school respectively.

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