Fence for School

Child safety above everything else! It is important to take care of the condition of the school and school grounds where children are staying for a long part of their day.

Skole secondary school I-III (Skole, Ukraine) has faced real infrastructure problems, including the lack of a fence together with the only entry door right to the roadway. Pupils, even from the younger grades, spent their school breaks right on the traffic road. The doors of the school went out on the road with heavy traffic and the school lacked an inner courtyard where children could spend their free time at leisure or during breaks. An additional risk factor is that anyone can enter a school premises for the purpose of fraud or kidnapping. It is important to take care of the condition of the school and the school grounds where the children are staying for quite a long part of their day, that is why it was decided to install a fence for the school.

  • Project results

    A fence was installed to guarantee basic child safety. Project budget is $ 3,000. After some time, the school provided a school yard with benches and flowers, where students can now spend their leisure time safely.

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