Who is Peli?

He is the one who seeks to convey to people the importance of our actions in relation to nature.

The who wants to promote existing ones and create it`s own environmental projects.

Peli is the hero of a small team with a handfull of ideas and ambitions. For the fifth year in a row, we  actively engage those who care about nature to our projects and we will be happy to welcome new people.

Eco-education 40%

Ecosystem conservation 35%

Social security 25%

Empowering force of nature for the harmonic development.

The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that volunteers and partners, donors and society as a whole receive a positive impulse from working with the Foundation, which keeps them clearly aware of the importance of sustainable nature management.

The main activity of the fund is aimed at the development of knowledge and decisive action in the field of ecology through the gradual implementation of such solutions.